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“Assistant” Google began to respond politely if it is politely addressed

Respect the car – and it will respect you.

Google has released the “Assistant” update – now the voice assistant responds a little more pleasantly if you approach it politely. For example, he will thank for the question with the word “please.”

The function works as an option: if you wish, you can contact the assistant sharply, as before. However, with a respectful approach, the Assistant will reciprocate. For example, if you say “Hi, Google, please set the timer to 10 minutes”, “Assistant” will respond, “Thank you for asking so politely! 10 minutes, starting the countdown. ”

Google first mentioned the “Pretty Please” feature at the I / O conference in May 2018. In April , Amazon Alexa had the same opportunity . Also, together with “Pretty Please,” Assistant has some more new features: now he can read Christmas stories, make shopping lists, turn on karaoke and “call Santa”.

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