Apple is willing to pay $ 100 just to buy an iPhone Xs

It seems that Apple is so bad with the sales of smartphones of the 2018 line, that for buying iPhone X R , Xs and Xs Max, the company is ready to give you a discount of up to $ 300, $ 100 of which is just a gift.

The main thing – hand over your old iPhone.

The Apple website has updated the terms of the trade-in program. For a limited time (Apple does not specify which one), you can buy an iPhone Xs or iPhone X R with a decent discount.

The program involves smartphones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8, including almost all Plus models. For some reason, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and SE were not included in the trade-in. By the way, in Russia such a program does not work .

But the bonuses themselves are really impressive:

  • iPhone 6 – $ 150 off
  • iPhone 6 Plus, 6s – $ 200
  • iPhone 6s Plus, 7 – $ 250
  • iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 – $ 300

To understand, in Russia, the iPhone 7 can be sold for 22 thousand rubles , which is approximately equal to $ 330 at the current rate.

Anyway, the new discount is relevant only for iPhones in excellent condition. Before making an application, you need to fill out a short form about the state of the device, and then send it to Apple.

After confirmation, Apple will send a special kit and instructions for sending the device to the delivery service. According to the company, the exchange procedure takes no more than 2-3 weeks.

Such generosity is very alarming. Apparently, all analytical reports on sharply reduced sales are not groundless. Apple never pampers such welcoming discounts when buying a new smartphone. And then immediately generous $ 100 discounts. Apple ]

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