Apple is sued because of dust in laptop screens

Apple filed a class action lawsuit in which owners of notebook companies complain about dust under the protective glass of MacBook screens. The reason is the lack of filters in the ventilation system. For the same reason, according to the documents, the performance of computers is also reduced due to the possible overheating of processors.

The ingress of dust leads to costly repairs, which was one of the reasons for the discontent of the participants in a collective action. The lawyer of the company that took the case, notes that Apple has gained the status of the most expensive company in the world thanks to customers who value its products for quality and reliability.

However, Apple, unfortunately, does not appreciate this and does not want to take responsibility for the lack of laptops. “It costs hundreds of dollars paid for repairs,” Hagens Berman said in a statement. According toMacRumors, Apple is asking for a $ 600 non-warranty repair.

The lawsuit mentions some models of both MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air laptops, as well as iMac and iMac Pro desktops, released between 2013 and 2018.

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