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Twitter, at the request of the Russian authorities, blocked Putin’s fake account with a million subscribers

It mainly published links to the speeches of the president.

Twitter account “Putin” before deleting

Twitter closed an English-speaking @putinRF_eng account, which could have been taken for the official profile of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The company explained that it did so after a “credible statement” by the Russian authorities. Twitter spokesman Jan Plunkett confirmed to Reuters that the specified account is not affiliated with Putin.

On the night of November 29, the @putinRF_eng account is no longer available. From the copy in the cache of Google it follows that the profile has collected 1.01 million subscribers. The profile did not have a blue verification tick, but the description indicated that it was the official representative of the president. The media called theaccount a parody, but there was practically no parody in it: mostly they published links to the English version of the Kremlin site.

Putin has repeatedly said that he does not have personal accounts in social networks.

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