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Top free apps in November 2018

We continue to review interesting applications for the two most popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. We will tell you about the programs we liked, the latest versions of which were released recently. Official ratings and collections of new applications are traditionally available on Google and Apple. In the comments you can list the programs that you think are also worthy of attention.


  • Gboard
  • Strobe on call
  • Godus
  • Swing star
  • Triviador
  • Old school runescape
  • Dan the Man: Action Platformer
  • Assassin’s Creed Rebellion
  • Bonus: five applications from Belarusian developers

In the spring, Cloudflare launched a new DNS service ( Android , iOS ), which should compete with Google and OpenDNS / Umbrella servers. In fact, much depends on the location of the user and other factors: as shown by  early practice, the rejection of Google’s DNS in favor of the “Claudflare” will affect communication quality in about half of the cases.

Recently, the application appeared: Faster & Safer Internet DNS, which changes the connection settings on mobile devices and in some cases can really have a positive impact on the quality of the Internet. But, we emphasize, not always and not for all users.

The creators continue to work on the program, you can try.


Recently updated virtual keyboard Gboard ( Android , iOS ), in which there were elements of artificial intelligence and some other improvements. In particular, a floating keyboard mode appeared, allowing you to drag it to any place on the screen.

But for AI, there was a more serious task than a banal usability improvement: the updated keyboard learned how to select animations and stickers for the context of correspondence. Obviously, among lovers of long conversations (and monologues), the function will be in demand.

As a rule, there are more cases than hours in a day, and it’s impossible to be in time. You can fight this by structuring your activities. To do this, there are organizers of any type, scrapbook and own memory. What works best, everyone decides for himself.

The creators of ( Android ) tried to simplify work with a reminder as much as possible, reducing the number of actions to a minimum. The app is fresh, and therefore, probably, has not drowned in a variety of unnecessary and useless functions.

The development is handled by a guy from Ukraine, but at the moment the program has only an English interface. About the support of the Russian language the following was said: “It will be. It’s just that now we have to deal with more urgent things. ” The main feature of is the claimed simplicity and convenience.

Strobe on call

The functional application Strobe on Call ( Android ) has a dual function. It helps to notice incoming calls, SMS and notifications, as well as fun attracts the attention of others.

Settings allow you to specify specific programs with which Strobe on Call will work. You can also set the duration of the flashes and the minimum battery level, after which the application will not “strobe”.

The developer engages in dialogue with users on the popular forum, pointing out differences from analogs: “For now, without ads and all the features are free.”


Until now, the Godus mobile game ( Android , iOS ) lives and develops . It was once a promising PC project, but Peter Molyneux and 22Cans did not keep their word – gamers were left with a raw product in their hands. But the mobile version survived.

Everything is as before: the player becomes a god and with might and main controls his subjects, flickering somewhere down there. They cannot independently arrange life, so they will have to take the reins in their hands – to indicate where to build, grow food and with whom to fight.

In the case when the plan was a success, civilization moves to a new stage of development, opening up space for further growth. Fans of simulators should come to taste (if suddenly Godus went unnoticed).

Swing star

The opposite of the previous game is Swing Star ( Android , iOS ). It is as simple as possible, allows you to return to it “on the fly” during short breaks, when you need to somehow kill time, and all other interesting things are over.

The mechanics are primitive, you just need to feel like a spiderman, firing a rope at points on the playing field and moving through the air to the finish line. The developers promise more than 100 different (to a certain extent) levels.

Of the minuses of Swing Star, we can mention an abundance of advertising, but for many modern free applications this is in the order of things.


How many workers and not very hours spent in the game Conquiztador, no longer remember. Once a popular “strategy” in which you need to capture the world, crushing the enemy with intellect and erudition (or maybe just a good memory), retired, making room for others.

One of the “others” was the project Triviador ( Android , iOS ), which in many ways resembles its predecessor. Little was left of the former simplicity, the quiz became much more cumbersome and sophisticated. For some, this is a plus, for others – a minus. But the main thing – the conquest of land and the rapid answers to questions – remained in place. Everything new is well forgotten old.

Old school runescape

And here is another entertainment for nostalgic, only have to climb a little further into the past on a scale of history. The Old School RuneScape game was released for Android and iOS a month ago and is hardly targeted at modern gamers, although the number of downloads indicates the opposite.

In the mobile port of this MMORPG, developers pay special attention to authenticity, which gives the project an additional charm – graphically, mechanics and other features.

The free version will be enough to assess your capabilities, since without a subscription you will find yourself in a smaller world with a limited number of skills and quests, as well as a number of other nuances.

Content, by the way, is chosen by users: developers rely on the decision of the audience, and if 75% or more gamers vote for innovation, they implement it.

From the negative features of Old School RuneScape – not always stable performance and the absence of the Russian language.

Dan the Man: Action Platformer

This is an attempt to be like “good old (tube) games” – this approach has long been considered fashionable, and it works. And the developers do not skimp on the praise for themselves, calling Dan the Man ( Android , iOS ) “legendary.” Of course, she is far from the title of a legend, since the project’s similarity to games from automata of the past does not make it so. However, Dan the Man doesn’t take away the atmospheric: “aged” graphics, control and pseudo-3D – a cocktail for a mobile platformer turned out to be quite good.

In the arsenal there is a variety of weapons, techniques that can be used against iron bosses, a set of classic modes, secret zones and daily events – everything that the doctor prescribed for the “epic wines.”

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

“Funny Milota” is not a pack of seals, but tadpole characters of a mobile RPG with elements of Assassin’s Creed Rebellion strategy. The game was announced back in 2017 and recently reached iOS and Android .

As stated in the description, the new version of “Animus”, designed specifically for mobile devices, will allow you to relive the events of the past and play for assassins of different eras at the same time. Of them offer to choose the most experienced and create a brotherhood. Then it will be a turn to fight the Templars, who established control over Spain.

But otherwise much will be familiar: management, intelligence, battle. Along the way, you need to train your killers, earn rewards and perform spectacular leaps of faith.

Bonus: five applications from Belarusian developers

1. Beat Maker Go

Recently, Gismart entered into a partnership agreement with The Chainsmokers EDM duo, which ranks second on the Forbes list of the highest paid DJs in the world.

As part of the collaboration, the Beat Maker Go music library ( iOS , Android ) has been added to a separate category with a soundpack catalog based on more than 20 hits from The Chainsmokers. There are recent major updates and other changes.

2. Star Storm

A young Belarusian developer from Euphoria studio has attempted to promote his projects, making them as similar as possible to the popular mobile games of other studios. Not too successfully, but maybe he got better? Star Storm for Android .

3. keeple

Unusual application and social network Keeple ( Android ) is needed in order to share things with your friends and acquaintances. According to the developer’s plan, the service helps to restore order in their own property, take someone else’s for a while and give theirs, sell the unnecessary and buy what they need.

4. GMoney

The GMoney ( iOS ) application demonstrates the capabilities of the augmented reality technology for smartphones, rather than really helps in life, although some of its capabilities will be useful to someone. The program on the fly scans paper money, determining their denomination, and also calculates the amount and converts it into a given currency. Courses are updated via the Internet.

5. “Plumbing”

We conclude the list with an educational application oriented to locksmith operations. The information in it is divided into sections, there is a glossary for a quick search on the basic terms and a test for self-control. All materials presented in the program can be saved to the device in PDF format. Plumbing ( Android , versions for Win and macOS are located in an open storage) – the application is free, does not require an internet connection and has a fairly narrow specialization (however, these are exactly what are in demand).

To find a performer, you need to go through a simple registration or enter a previously created account. Then you need to fill in a simple form, attach photos and place an order. The contractor can be selected either immediately or after the receipt of responses to the proposal.

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