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The creator of Russia’s first “real superhero” 7 years later revealed the details of a viral project

The creator of Russia’s first “real superhero” 7 years later revealed the details of a viral project

Virus PR specialist Anton Pervukhin in a blog on Zen told about the details of how the project was created – the first Russian “real superhero” Chelyabinsk Avenger. In 2011, he was very popular in the media space for a short time. And although the project itself is already very outdated and has ceased to be relevant – the story of its creation turned out to be very slightly instructive and fun life. Smashed it into several passages. About the one who offered 200 thousand rubles for the hero to remove the mask in the air, how the character was caught by the law enforcement agencies and much more.

What is it about?

Probably, few people remember, but in 2011 Russia had the first superhero named “The Avenger”. A guy in a black suit with the letter “M” on his chest and in a mask that completely hides his face. Behind him hung a sword that looked like a katana.

He recorded a video message stating that he was patrolling the streets of the city, trying to protect citizens from hooligans in the dark and posted on YouTube. Allegedly, he himself faced this problem and “the time has come to stand up for the defense of his native city”. After some time, the first video confirmation appeared. Next comes the information explosion. Federal publications of Russia and the world talk about the appearance of the first superhero in Russia and are closely watching developments. In Russia, there is a YouTube “boom” of the appearance of superheroes and antiheroes. And then, unexpectedly, The Avenger writes a farewell message and disappears.

About the beginning

Then I worked as the editor of the Chelyabinsk branch of a major federal publication. He worked day and night. Inform-field completely devoured my everyday reality. The idea to create a long-playing story, balancing on the verge of a fictional and real – global media certification – came just then. I put together a team, we identified one of the most pressing social problems at that time for a wide range of people, we saw and started off.

To create a superhero costume, sometimes you had to play crazy pens. The issue with the “holder” for a superhero sword was decided, for example, by means of a household hand-made. The cut thumb from the black glove began to hold a homemade katana. Katana was a metal bar carefully wrapped with electrical tape.

The first official video of the “public appearance” was filmed next to a large supermarket – it was important to show the real existence of the character in a crowded place with witnesses. There was a 40-degree frost outside, so I had to wear two sweaters under my suit. A graceful sweatpants at the last moment to change to ski.

Remove the first appeal of the hero was much easier. I have written the text, added pauses to the speech, the words parasites in the form of “there,” “well,” which would emphasize lexical simplicity in the hero, but intonational decisiveness. Stir just such a cocktail. The promise prompted how a person is kind and simple-minded. Danya from “Brother”, Brave Ivanushka from a good children’s fairy tale. Beloved heroes.

About when the topic “went”

We were very close to failure. After two weeks of days, we didn’t score 50 views, probably. The guys have a little unstuck. I promised them instant success, and here 50 views …

Happiness came from no waiting. The Perm online magazine “Sol” (one of the first hipster or great hipster) became the primary source from which the explosion began. They began to refer to him en masse. I clicked “Enter” – and saw how the views on YouTube grew by 1000 per second. Probably the feeling that I experienced is called euphoria. Something like a drug parish, I guess. I threw the link to the guys and we began to hang out from it together. Growth in the VC group, which we created specifically for “M”, set a Runet record at that time. Now the numbers seem more amusing. But … During the day more than 18 thousand people joined the group. And it was a record.

It is curious that it was then in 2011 that we first crossed into the media field with MDK. We took the first steps in the business, they in the. They gathered wild traffic on us, we grabbed a huge army of fans from their subscribers.

About how central channels get interviewed

All the central channels just squeaked on this topic – Lukyanenko and Akunin discussed that it was a challenge to society or something, like, Urgant and Sobchak sneered. Standers mutili skits and monologues. On the account of the official representative poured a variety of proposals to mutually seek for recognition. Someone suggested touring Russian clubs, Channel One was blackmailed that if we didn’t come to “Let Them Speak” they would simply bring another person. NTV went the furthest – they were asked to remove the mask on the air for 200 thousand rubles

It is still incomprehensible to me whether they are really ready for this or it was just a bait. However, be that as it may — promise at least a million — we would not agree to such a step. Would collapse the most important thing that created – a legend. And we all sat in our apartments in Chelyabinsk and quietly huff from what is happening. The account listed as “The Avenger’s Assistant on the Internet” showed several hundred messages from journalists offering interviews, fans expressing support, haters, as well as strange guys offering collaborations.

About how it could have ended due to chance.

The message to the account allegedly “assistant”, as I said, there were many messages. And among others, quite often they came across something of this nature “Lech! I recognized you, give up! ”I almost never answered them. And for some reason he answered. I wrote to the girl, they say, you are definitely mistaken. She, in turn, challenged the statement and dropped the link to the account. My account. I notable limp. How? Imagine how could so coincide?

Those guys who took pictures with us on the first shoot showed this picture to one friend, the second to the third and so on. And in this chain was a lady who recognized our trinity. And it would be fine if only this … The lady had a grudge against one of our creative teams. The girl was determined.

She threw in one of the busiest branches of “The Avenger” in the internet, that she knows who is hiding under the mask – the journalists took to asking her in a personal and offering money. She, in turn, in confirming her serious intentions, threw us screens of active correspondence with the bark. Especially aktivnichal all the same “First” and NTV. In general, I had to pretty much “bend” in order to exhaust this incident. Do without the details.

About searches by law enforcement agencies

After a lot of publicity, especially a funny episode, when at the final NTV program they doubted that our valiant police would be able to catch a superhero – it became a matter of honor for the employees of the organs and the FSB. “Calculate by IP” was impossible. Understanding this danger – we came into the account from computer clubs (yes, even then, even if they were living out, they were). And of the simplest, where there were no video cameras. Twice in the same club, we certainly did not appear.

But having learned that the hunt began, of course, this business was stopped. There was no question of any personal fear. At first they even joked about it. However, at some point, it was no time for jokes … The rumor stubbornly began to ply around the city that some masked man – similar to “The Avenger” made a robbery attack.

We didn’t do bad things, but if the rumor would have been true, it meant having a fun time in the SIZO before clarifying the circumstances and involvement. We continued to push the topic, but became doubly careful. But still, one day, stupidly, they pierced. Another member of our team still could not resist and logged into the account from his home computer. The next day, the door was kindly knocked at his door.

An SMS from several words came to my phone: “In short, they took me”.

And he spent the next day in one very serious state organization – giving all sorts of explanations. By the way, the guy in the participation did not confess. However, as he says, it didn’t touch them. They were absolutely sure that they came to the right person. They took fingerprints, laughed, asked if the mask was with them, took pictures with the whole department together. And sent back home. At the same time, they did not even recommend closing the shop. We have not closed.

How to finish the story

In principle, it could not be otherwise. Robber attack turned out to be just a rumor. But the hero did not commit anything wrongful. Delay for longer it was simply not for that.

The topic was a top about four weeks. It is too long.

First of all due to the development. We sometimes threw topics in the furnace. Well, when we felt that we had exhausted all the reserves of firewood that we could really give, we recorded a farewell video message. The Avenger left, still on the wave with his head held high. This is much better than dragging the story down until it really worries anyone.

Why was needed a superhero.

In 2011, the topic of gopnicia was really extremely acute. In my opinion, it was then that the term “work out” appeared or simply became popular, that is, to take cash, telephone, and any valuables. So they “worked out” then at every step. The first Russian superhero, through the prism of humor, masquerade, became popular because it raised this question.

In the farewell video, we did not accidentally say that the hero removes the mask. He seemed to have merged with the crowd. And seeing that someone got into trouble – a person will come to the rescue, and at least for a few minutes he will become that very superhero who just took off his mask.

The society reacted with separate quite useful projects. So in some cities there were groups on voluntary patrols. I remember one of these projects. This name was hard to forget. “Brother for sister”. In a separate community, the guys offered to carry the girls from the bus stop to the entrance. The girls, in turn, sought protection. And the safety and the opportunity to get acquainted with selfless men. Porfect same. By the way, it is curious that another Chelyabinsk superhero “Chistomen” once confessed to us (yes, of course, we know who it is), it was the “Avenger” case that partly inspired him to put on a mask and do quite real and useful things. And we are proud of all this.

And we had a lot of fun people.

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