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Starving patients at clinics, funerals for children and crowds of protesters in distressed Venezuela

View of an independent journalist at the tragedy of a country suffering from the economic crisis.

Residents of Cumana in line for groceries. Photo by Meredith Kohut (Meridith Kohut)

Newspaper The New York Times published the work of an independent American photographer Meredith Kohut (Meridith Kohut). She lives in the capital of Venezuela in Caracas and, through a camera lens, observes what happens to a distressed country.

In short, mass hunger leads to the weakening of the adult population and the regular deaths of the child population. In psychiatric hospitals, where there have been supply disruptions, patients look like prisoners of concentration camps. At the same time, hundreds of incendiary protesters gather on the streets of the country and demand changes while another part of the population is looking for food remains in garbage cans.

I can’t insert photos here because the NYT Times bought the rights to them, and they are anxious about trying to steal their content.

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