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Microsoft to sell army augmented reality helmets for half a billion dollars

Microsoft won a contract for $ 480 million, under which the US army will receive 100 thousand augmented reality helmets, reports Bloomberg. The devices will be used for training as well as on the battlefield. The American army believes that AR-systems will increase the effectiveness of the actions of soldiers, ensuring their superiority over the enemy.

“With the help of augmented reality, soldiers will be able to receive more complete information for making decisions,” said a representative of a software corporation.

It is noted that the American and Israeli armies had previously used HoloLens for training, their use on the battlefield would be another step forward.

Helmets will be different from “civilian” versions, since the military will need to integrate night vision devices, temperature sensors, and physical sensors into the system. In the first couple of years it is planned to deliver 2.5 thousand prototypes of helmets, after which they will start mass production.

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