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In the United States opened a fake store, where they sold ordinary shoes under the guise of fashionable ten times more expensive

Do not show this to sneakerheads.

Shot from Payless video

The company selling shoes Payless opened a fake store with fashionable shoes, where she sold ordinary couples under the guise of fashion. Sneakers and shoes were put on the shelves for $ 20-40, ten times more expensive – for $ 200-600.

The store organized a party in honor of the opening and earned more than 3 thousand dollars. The manual removed the reaction of buyers to ordinary shoes, exhibited at luxury prices. “I am ready to pay 400-500 dollars per pair. People will come up and ask: “Oh, where did you buy it?”, ”One of them said.

But Payless revealed a secret to customers – their reaction to the real price of “expensive shoes” will be used in commercials. The guide stated that they did not charge money for overpayment from clients.

Payless is a store that sells shoes at low prices and uses the slogan “Affordable Fashion” in advertising. He organized a campaign to show that an expensive thing does not mean the best.

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