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In the Fallout 76 version for $ 200 instead of a canvas bag they put cheap nylon

Bethesda continues to reap the benefits of the soil fertilized by Fallout 76. The other day , gamers were upagainst her , trying to get money back for a product that didn’t meet their expectations, and now the collector’s version of Fallout 76 for $ 200 was under the gun. In the promotional materials, it looks very nice, one of the items in the kit is a canvas bag for a helmet from power armor.

However, buyers of the collectible version after the purchase found out that the publisher replaced the canvas bag with a nylon one. Cheaper material looks very different and its characteristics are far from the promised.

Employees of the Bethesda Gear store said that the promotional photos captured a “prototype” bag that was too expensive to manufacture. After a while, Bethesda apologized to the buyers of the Fallout 76 collection, offering $ 5 in compensation. As noted by VG247, this money is not enough to buy an in-game skin with the same bag.

To good news (or not). Next week, Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas) is announcing a new game. While nothing is known about it, there is only a teaser.

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