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In Russia, they invented Apple Watch smart watches with “caviar” for $ 43,000

The Russian brand Caviar  continues to implement new ideas that help draw attention to the exorbitantly expensive electronic devices. This time, the company introduced Apple Watch 4 smart watches, decorated with “caviar” – black, red and white. The delicacy was replaced with diamonds and rubies, which affected the price.

The most expensive version, the diamonds on which imitate the rarest “Almas” caviar from white beluga, will cost 2.9 million Russian rubles (more than $ 43,000) probably, instead of a dot, their number should be indicated).

A bit cheaper – 2.7 million rubles (about $ 41 thousand) – there are watches with black “caviar”, but the rubies in the form of “caviar” red will cost only 2.4 million ($ 36 thousand).

Finally the budget option costs 229 thousand rubles, or $ 3.4 thousand at the current exchange rate.

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