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DJI introduced the Osmo Pocket three-axis pocket stabilizer with a camera and for $ 350

The company promotes the device as a “personal camera, which is always with you.”

At the event Because Life is Big DJI showed its new product – a camera with a three-axis stabilizer called Osmo Pocket. It has a compact size that allows you to carry the device in your pocket.

The camera uses a 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor, thanks to which OSMO Pocket can take 12 MP photos and 4K video at 30 frames per second (100 Mbit / s video stream). various gestures, thanks to which you can shoot without a smartphone.The built-in battery provides up to 140 minutes of work.

In addition, there are several physical buttons, as well as management via USB or Wi-Fi using the new mobile application DJI Mimo. Osmo Pocket is responsible for ensuring the quietest operation of a passive cooling system without a fan, which evenly distributes heat across the holder, increasing the service life and performance of the device.

The device allows you to shoot in panorama mode, time-lapse and “active tracking”, when the camera itself follows the selected object.

  • “Panorama 3 × 3” – automatically takes nine consecutive shots and sticks them into a wide-angle shot;
  • “Dynamic time-lapse” allows you to transmit what is happening in hours within seconds, enhancing the effect with smooth camera movements;
  • The mode of night shots makes it possible to make the most accurate image during exposure from hands for 2-3 seconds due to effective stabilization;
  • ActiveTrack allows you to select an object on the screen, after which the camera will follow it automatically (in selfie mode, it follows the face).

Osmo Pocket will go on sale in the USA on December 15, the price without accessories will be $ 350 (about 23 thousand rubles). Together with the device, the company introduced accessories: a case, a battery case, a wireless module for connecting to a smartphone, a wheel for tilt adjustment, a waterproof case, a self-adhesive mount for glass, a 3.5 mm adapter for an external microphone, Lightning adapters or USB-C for direct connection to a smartphone; a set of filters for adjusting the incoming air; a selfie-monopod with additional buttons and a mount for other accessories.

DJI Osmo Pocket Accessories
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