Construction of the Russian station at the moon could begin in 2025

Construction of the Russian national station in the Moon’s orbit is scheduled to begin with the launch of the “base module” in 2025, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the presentation of the Road Map for the Implementation of the Lunar Program. The document was prepared by the general designer of manned complexes Eugene Mikrin.

Previously, he presented the concept of a near-moon station, which can be created on the basis of modules developed for the ISS: a nodal with several docking stations, a scientific and energy and a propulsion one.

Some experts believe that the near-moon station is less interesting compared to the base on the moon. The reasons lie in the high level of radiation, due to which astronauts cannot reside there permanently. In addition, at such a station there will be little space for scientific experiments.

At the beginning of November, it was reported that a long-term visited base was created on the surface of the natural satellite of Earth within the lunar program of Russia. Scientists intend to explore the moon with the help of robot avatars.

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