Carsharing Yandex.Drive will allow to rent a van

While in this area, the company has virtually no competitors.

Wagon “Yandex. Drive.” Photos of the press service of the service

Until the end of December, the carsharing Yandex.Drive will add the ability to rent a Citroen Jumpy wagon. At the first stage, it will be possible to take the car between TTK and the Moscow Ring Road, a representative of Yandex toldKommersant. The company has confirmed this information to.

The cost of rent will be 24 rubles per minute on the way and 7 rubles per minute of waiting. With this, Yandex.Drive relies on a long-term lease – for two, five or 12 hours.

The operator’s fleet will include 50 vans leased from Major Dealer for an undisclosed period. The maximum loading capacity of cars makes 1,2 tons. For example, two hours of rent will cost 1050-1150 rubles, depending on the time of day, and you can drive up to 30 kilometers.

In Yandex.Drayve explained that they are primarily focused on small business and retail chains. “For example, on our vans you can carry food for a small coffee shop or flowers for your store. You do not need to hire a separate truck and enter into an additional contract, ”said the head of the service, Anton Ryazanov.

“Kommersant” named only one “prominent player” in the freight car sharing market in Moscow and the Moscow region – this is the service “Nash”. Gruzichkoff allowed the possibility of competition, but noted that a client who is not ready to pay damages to the lessor in case of an unforeseen situation, it is better to contact the freight transportation company. YouDrive called the cargo car-sharing service a “niche product” and clarified that so far they have decided not to add it for the sake of “developing a wider segment”.

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