Architecture: Dutch “Ark”

Its creator spent $ 1.6 million on his project and now wants to raise another 1.3 million to ship the ark to Israel.

In 1993, Johan Huibers, a resident of the Netherlands, read to his children the biblical story of Noah and his ark, in which the family of the righteous and the animals survived the Flood. Then he decided to build his own ark.

His wife ridiculed him, proposing immediately after the end of construction “to go on vacation to the moon,” but Johan did not abandon his idea. The first version of the ark was completed by 2006, but the builder was not fully satisfied, since the ship was half the size described in the Bible.

In 2008, he, along with a team of amateur carpenters, began to build a life-sized ark. His second ark was opened to the public in 2012, it has a length of 133.5 meters (300 cubits), a width of 22.25 meters (50 cubits) and a height of 13.35 meters (30 cubits). In addition to wood, steel was used in the construction, including from the skeletons of decommissioned ships.

Photo of Ark Of Noah

Later, Johan admitted that some things were made “a little crooked”, since non-professional shipbuilders took part in the construction. The whole building cost about 1.6 million dollars.

The ark was supplemented with animal figures to make it even more reminiscent of the biblical tale. It was installed in the harbor of the Dutch city of Dordrecht, but some time later closed to the public due to disagreements between the owner and the city authorities.

Photo of Ark Of Noah

Heybers wanted to go on his ark to Brazil for the Olympic Games in 2016, but the plan failed due to security problems. Later he decided that the best place to build would be Israel. The builder of the ark began to collect donations to tow the ark, all he would need about 1.3 million dollars.

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