Apple has named the iPhone XR bestseller

Apple’s vice president of marketing called the iPhone XR the best-selling “iPhone” since its launch. His statements followed a series of press reports that the mobile phone was selling worse than it had predicted in the company. At the same time, Apple refuses to provide exact figures, which does not add weight to the words of the company’s top manager.

Without mentioning sales volumes, it’s hard to understand exactly what Apple has in mind: either XR is better bought than the not-too-popular XS and XS Max, or the figures are high compared to previous iPhone models, The Verge writes .

On the eve, Apple announced an additional increase in discounts of $ 100 on the iPhone XR and XS when they are handed over under the trade-in program. In the US, this means that for the iPhone 6S you can get $ 200, not $ 100, as before.

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