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A Canadian spent two months teaching the cat to launch an improvised rocket. But at the time of launch the cat let the owner down and did not press the button.

Turned away and refused to perform duties. Attempts to convince the animal left dozens of duplicates.

Stephen Robinson (Stephen Robinson) – 25-year-old video blogger from Alberta (Canada) and the creator of the web series “How to learn anything.” The YouTube show had two seasons: a Canadian was learning to build robots, pick locks, make women’s hair and make flying machines out of bread. In the last video, Robinson decided to train the cat Blue to launch a homemade rocket using the voice command.

It took two months to prepare for the experiment. The video blogger told theCanadian edition of Global News, which intentionally complicated the task, taking an animal that is difficult to train as a partner.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Initially, the idea was: “Let’s see if a dog can do it.” But we quickly realized that it’s easy to train a dog on what we want to do. Therefore, the question was put differently: “Can you teach the same cat?”.[/perfectpullquote]
Stephen Robinson
the creator of the web series “How to learn anything”

Robinson was familiar with the basics of rocket science from past project releases, so he quickly managed to make a small device. The main problem remained Blue, who was at the right time to press the button and launch a rocket into the sky.

The video blogger conducted a consultation with a professional trainer, who explained how best to teach the cat to perform its task in the experiment. First, Blue was given food after each click by the clicker, so that the animal had an association between the two processes. Then it had to be associated with pressing a button.

With food, a clicker and a toy, Blue still learned to do what was required of him. Gradually, Robinson added the “Run” command to the training process.

A few weeks later, the creator of the web series decided that everything was ready for a rocket launch. He put a homemade rocket in the field and built a special launch booth for the cat: an aviary with space for the animal, a button and a special hole for Robinson himself.

Under the solemn music of the Canadian began the countdown. But in the words “Launch” an incident occurred – Blue refused to press a button and lay down in the aviary.

Kota had to persuade with the help of words and food. In time, Blue began to press the button, but the touches were too weak for the mechanism to work

From the 22nd attempt, the cat launched a rocket – to the great joy of the entire team of the web series. However, after that it turned out that Robinson had made a mistake, and the parachute did not open on the rocket when it landed


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