There was a service for hacking any iPhone for $ 3,900

DriveSavers made a loud statement: the Passcode Lockout Data Recovery service developed by the company’s specialists provides access to any device on iOS. It is noteworthy that the system is positioned for ordinary people, and requests from special services and other security agencies will not be considered.

The description says that the service will help to restore information from the device to people who have forgotten the code, received a blocked device after several incorrect attempts to enter the password, or want to recover data from the device of the deceased relative.

The fee for bypassing a decent lock is $ 3,900. The scheme is this: you send it to an iPhone or iPad company, they remove the protection and return the device. In a comment to The Verge resource, representatives of DriveSavers noted that they may require documents that confirm the owner’s identity – thus, third parties will not get access to your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to Apple products, the company says it can hack Android smartphones, as well as Windows devices. DriveSavers keeps unlock details secret.

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