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“The Gomatsols”: a poster about the Romanovs was noticed on Twitter, but this is a fake

The picture with the wrong Cyrillic made one of the users of Tumblr. And HBO has no such series.


At the end of November, the poster of the TV series “Romanovs” from HBO channel began to diverge on Twitter. Russian-speaking and English-speaking users paid attention to the font with which the name of the show was written – because of the strange Cyrillic alphabet, instead of “Romanovs”, “The Gomatsols” turned out.

“We need a name in Russian. Romanovs? Yes, but only so that even Americans who know only English can read it. Ok, got it. ”

“That’s all. This is absolutely the worst fake Cyrillic I have ever seen. I would have no idea what was written there, if I did not know the Romanovs. More precisely, Gomatsols ”

“The rhetorical question: someday people with the Latin alphabet will understand that Cyrillic is not those funny inverted R and N-fonts, but another alphabet? For example, go to hell you and your family Gomatsols, I do not know who the hell you are

The picture was also published on Reddit, where users called the font “the worst use of the Cyrillic alphabet in history.” “If HBO does it, I’m sure the series will turn out incredible,” one commentator noted. However, the channel has never engaged in a show about the Romanov family, and a poster is a fake from a Tumblr user. He combined a frame from the Russian film “Russian Ark” with a random inscription in Cyrillic.

Promotional frame of the film “Russian Ark” directed by Alexander Sokurov


In October 2018, the Romanovs series was launched on Amazon, dedicated to people who consider themselves descendants of the royal family. Recently, Netflix also announced its series about the Romanovs, “The Last Kings,” about the fall of the Russian dynasty. And finally, the third show is a fantastic project of the director Hardcore, where the Romanovs rule the plot thanks to the support of the vampire clan.

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