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The creator of SpongeBob died. In social networks, they said farewell to him as memes about characters who became part of Internet culture.

The author of the cartoon about Sponge Bob left behind a whole legacy in the form of dozens of memes – from “Imagination” to “Who lives at the bottom of the ocean”.

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On November 27, Stephen Hillenburg died in the United States – the creator of the animated series Sponge Bob Square Pants (or Sponge Bob Square Pants). He was 56 years old, and in the last year of his life he struggled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). On the diagnosis Hillenberg told in the spring of 2017.

Since childhood, Hillenberg was fond of the underwater world. In 1984, the author of the animated series graduated from university and got a job as a teacher of marine biology. At the same time, the characters of Spongebob and starfish Patrick Hillenberg first appeared to illustrate lectures. After three years at university, he went into animation and began creating cartoons for the Nickelodeon channel.

In 1999, the first season of the cartoon “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” As a result, the show experienced 242 episodes, two full-length paintings and a Broadway musical. The media still calls the animated series about ocean dwellers the biggest hit of Nickelodeon.

With the development of the Internet, the footage from “Sponge Bob” began to regularly diverge into memes. The series has become the basis for dozens of templates of varying degrees of popularity, and the cartoon characters have become an important part of Internet culture. Russia was no exception, where “Sponge Bob” showed the channel TNT: for example, the picture “Imagination” became popular, as well as the initial cry of each episode “Who lives on the bottom of the ocean”.

In the West, there were many more SpongeBob memes. After Hillenberg’s death, journalists remembered the main ones.

“Mocking Spongebob”

The English equivalent of the Russian Khalisi meme from Game of Thrones. The basis was a screenshot from the 2012 Little Yellow Book episode where Spongebob was presented in the form of a chicken. The essence of the joke is that the cartoon character mimics other people’s phrases.

“Mom:“ Go to sleep ”* Comes out and closes the door * I:“ Send out Spa ””

“” You wear too much make-up. ” I: “YOU CARRY OUT TOO MANY MANY MAY-APA” ”

“Angry Patrick”

SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick is a positive character. In the first season of the animated series, he went to save a comrade, but in 2018 his facial expression was made a meme about minor dirty tricks.

“I make plans in a group chat, knowing that in any case I will not come”

“I am reading your messages using thumbs with push notifications and not responding for the next six hours”

“” Krusti crab “against the” trash “” “

Of course, it was not without a typical meme scheme, where one is opposed to the other. Users of social networks have chosen for the next template an underwater institution “Krusty krab” and a much less popular restaurant “Pomoyn”.

Pineapple Pizza / Plain Pizza

“Standard Twitter Theme / Night Twitter Theme”

“Tired Spongebob”

The frame for this meme was taken from the same series as about the evil Patrick. Spongebob decided to go without pants, but in social networks they emphasized that at some point he was very tired. And fatigue can occur even after minor actions.

“I am after answering one person”

“I after did one eyelash”

These (and dozens more) memes are Hillenberg’s legacy that will remain in the memory of Internet culture, the WIRED publication notes . Numerous jokes were remembered by the Guardian edition in his obituary. It is not surprising that after the death of Hillenberg, users of social networks honored his memory with numerous memes with Sponge Bob and other heroes.

“The cartoon of my childhood and the memes of my more adult life. Thanks for the laugh, Spongebob. RIP Stephen Hillenberg ”

“RIP legend Stephen Hillenberg is the creator of Spongebob and meme culture as we know it. Without him, we would be lost as well as Patrick. ”

“RIP Stephen Hillenberg, the Spongebob maker is Square Pants – a show that gave us a lot of memes”

“Stephen Hillenberg was the godfather of memes. Out of respect for him, these memes should live. ”

“Farewell to Stephen Hillenberg. Thank you for these characters and inspirations for memes. And for sharing your IMAGINATION with the world “

On Reddit they also arranged a kind of tribute day.

“Stephen Hillenberg is from heaven knowing that he has changed many lives”
“Stephen Hillenberg is from heaven knowing that he has changed many lives”
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