In Moscow, the cable car was launched. Hundreds of empty Twitter accounts rate her

Moscow news can be assessed on the website of “Active Citizen”, which is not just accused of cheating.


On the electronic portal of the Moscow mayor’s office “Active Citizen”, it is possible to evaluate new buildings in Moscow. For this, active users get points that can be exchanged for real bonuses: stickers, tickets to city events or discounts on services like repair of equipment.

On November 26, a cable car across the Moscow River was launched in Moscow – it connected the Luzhniki Stadium with the Sparrow Hills. Several stories were devoted to this event on the Moscow 24 TV channel (owned by the mayor’s office), Sergei Sobyanin spoke about it , and in honor of the opening, the trip was made free for a month.

Like other innovations in Moscow, the cable car can be set from one to five stars. For this they will give three points, you also need to tell about your assessment in one of six social networks. On November 27, thousands of tweets appeared on Twitter with cable car ratings from users. Empty Twitter accounts without avatars and descriptions, which have only names. There is nothing in profiles except ratings from Active Citizen , and they tweet links to the project site every few minutes. Here are a few:

The same users with empty profiles also give marks to other objects opening in Moscow. Probably, some of the Active Citizen users create Twitter accounts exclusively for the sake of accumulating points and do not lead them the rest of the time.

Estimates are put by the same users, and bonuses do not make “Active Citizen” more popular – the investigation of “Novaya Gazeta”

  • Project users have a unique identifier: a set of numbers and Latin letters, which can be used to track their voices. For example, a resident of Odintsovo knows his area better than others and can evaluate several nearby objects. However, the audit showed that 35% of participants gave marks for six or more new products throughout the capital;
  • Users of the “Active Citizen” often vote for objects located in different parts of the city and recently survived the reconstruction. Most of the ratings at the park “Left Bank” and the lake “Meshcherskoe”;
  • The dynamics of the vote also indicate that they have coordinated user groups. The number of assessments several times a day increases three to four times and drops to a minimum level in a couple of minutes.

Other questions to the “Active Citizen”:

  • A controversial vote for renovation in May 2017, where the votes of employers and owners were distributed automatically, even if they did not participate in it;
  • The bloated budget for the maintenance of the project, which has spent at least 520 million rubles for four years of work – most of the amount was spent on gifts for bonuses and public relations;
  • Claims of bloggers and users of social networks to the vote counting system when the name of the Voykovskaya metro station in November 2015 was determined.
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