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In December, Intel will tell about its video cards and announce their release in 2020

In December of this year, Intel plans to hold a conference dedicated to its development in the field of graphic solutions. Reports about this resource Digitimes with reference to its own sources. Most likely, the main violin at the conference will be the vice-president and chief architect of the Core and Visual Computing Group of Intel, and part-time defector from AMD Raj Koduri.

It is reported that Intel can present its first graphics solution, codenamed Arctic Sound, as early as 2020. In addition to the gaming market, innovators may be interested in the developers of artificial intelligence.

The first Intel i740 GPU was introduced in 1998. Later it was reworked into integrated graphics for the company’s chips due to its poor performance. In 2009, Intel announced the Larrabee architecture for discrete video cards, but a year later the project was closed.

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