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“Bakhnuv pelmeniv”: in Australia, found a cow two meters tall – much more relatives

The dimensions saved the animal from being sold and sent to the slaughterhouse. Now the cow is the hero of social networks.

In social networks and the media drew attention to the seven-year cow named Nickers (Knickers), living in Australia. The height of the animal – 194 centimeters (almost like basketball player Michael Jordan), and weight – more than 1.4 tons. This is a lot more relatives: Nickers is called the largest cow in the country.

After the first publications in the media, the owner of the animal, Jof Pearson, in a conversation with journalists, noted that in fact it was not a cow, but a neutered bull. According to him, since his childhood, Nickers had different sizes, and huge growth saved him from being sold at a slaughterhouse. Now the bull lives on a Pearson farm with other cows that look noticeably smaller


Pearson noted that in a few days a lot of journalists appealed to him with a request to tell about Nickers. “It got out of control. I did not expect everything to go so far. They call me every ten minutes from four in the morning, ”he added. According to him, now we are not talking about selling a cow.

PS Comparison of Nickers with some players of the National Baseball Association (NBA).

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