Architecture: Ropeway in Moscow

The first month she works for free.

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On November 26, a cable car connecting Moscow ’s Luzhniki Olympic Complex with the Sparrow Hills and Kosygin Street began operating in Moscow . It is assumed that it will reduce the time on the road between these points to five minutes, and in addition, it will perform tourist and recreational functions. She was going to open to the home World Cup, but the construction was delayed.

There are three stations on the route: “Sparrow Hills”, “New League” and “Luzhniki”, between them run 35 cabins, each of which accommodates eight people. The booths are equipped with media screens, audio guide in four languages ​​and LED backlighting.

The first month you can ride the cableway for free, then a one-way ticket will cost 400 rubles on weekdays and 500 rubles on weekends (respectively, 700 and 800 rubles at the “round-trip” rate).


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Already on the opening day, users of the Russian-language Twitter noticed that hundreds of empty accounts put the marks of the new cableway. But in social networks you can find reviews from real users. Many were impressed, but complained about the need to defend the hour line for a five-minute walk.

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