A well-known photojournalist disappeared after leaving China for the region, which is under tight control by the authorities.

The alarm began to beat his wife, who could not contact her husband for more than three weeks.

Lu guang Photo from World Press Photo
Lu guang Photo from World Press Photo

Chinese photographer Lu Guang, who won the World Press Photo competition three times, disappeared while visiting Xinjiang province, which is under tight control by the authorities. It is reported by the BBC.

Lu Guang lives with his family in New York, and his most famous work is devoted to the environmental and social problems of China. For example, he made photo projects about gold miners, about miners in coal mines, about the atypical pneumonia epidemic, about drug addiction along the Chinese-Burmese border and about industrial pollution in the country.

In late October, the photographer flew to Xinjiang to attend several exhibitions. According to his wife, the last time he got in touch with her was on November 3. He planned to fly to Sichuan province in two days, where he was supposed to meet with a friend, but a friend could not wait for him.

Later, the woman was informed that her husband was detained by state security officers. She called the Xinjiang police several times, but her husband’s fate is still unknown.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Next week is the twentieth anniversary of our wedding, we should celebrate it together, but instead I only live in the hope that he will return safe and sound.[/perfectpullquote]
Xu Xiaoli
Lu Guan’s wife

As the BBC notes, Xinjiang Province in western China is notorious because of the authorities’ total surveillance of the locals – allegedly in order to fight radicalism among the local Uighur Muslim community.

Hainan Industrial Park in Inner Mongolia. Photo of Lu Guan
Funeral firefighter. Photo of Lu Guan
Hainan Industrial Park in Inner Mongolia. Photo of Lu Guan
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