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Vedomosti: Mail.Ru develops its own voice assistant and column

The working title of the assistant is “Marussia”.

Mail.Ru Group is working on its own voice assistant with the working name “Marussia”. This was reported to Vedomosti by a person familiar with the project participant, as well as an acquaintance of the top managers of the holding.

Vice-President of the holding Anna Artamonova, through a representative, confirmed that Mail.Ru Group is really developing a voice assistant. Whether the name “Maroussia” will be used in the release is not yet decided. The representative of the holding added that the company is also developing a platform with the skills that the assistant will possess. How exactly will be used “Marusya”, he did not specify.

Two more employees of the holding said that not only a voice assistant was being developed, but also a column. A company representative did not confirm this.

In October 2017, Yandex launched the first voice assistant in the Russian market – it was called “Alice”. In May 2018, the company introduced Yandex.Station, a smart column with a built-in assistant. A company representative did not comment on threat of a competitor in the market.

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