The Perm club Michurin canceled the IC3PEAK concert after calling the organizer to the police

Prior to this, the group changed three sites in Nizhny Novgorod and the same in Kazan.

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The Michurin club in Perm refused to provide a venue for the IC3PEAK group concert after the band’s organizer called the police. The concert was to be held at 19:00 local time on November 27th. This was announced in Telegram by Pavel Chikov, the head of the human rights organization Agora.

According to Chikov, the musicians are now trying to find an alternative platform. IC3PEAK manager Oleg Mitrofanov told Mediazone that the organizer of the concert, David Shelter, was called to the police.

Updated at 19:29: Mitrofanov told Mediazone that the musicians were able to find a third platform for performance, but security forces came there.

IC3PEAK failed to enter the stage. Two songs are a group without instrumental accompaniment, when explaining the situation to the audience.

Chikov, citing lawyer Olga Bederson, said that after the failed performance, police officers blocked the group members in the backyard of the club and demanded to “leave Perm,” suggesting that they “take the city outside.

A day before the cancellation, the group was supposed to perform at the Cape Town concert bar. The art director of the bar David Shelter told Mediazone that Alexander Kosenkov, the head of the administration of the Leninsky district of Perm, urged the organizers not to hold the event due to the group’s “suicidal” nature.

Shelter argued that the organizers are not going to cancel the concert until they receive documentary evidence of the illegality of the event. However, the concert was moved to the club Michurin because of fully sold out tickets.

On November 23, IC3PEAK had to change three venues in Kazan to perform. Approximately 40 minutes after the start of the concert, the police came to the club on the third stage and the group finished performing. Before this, a similar situation occurred in Nizhny Novgorod – there the group also had to change three sites.

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