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See how a man fought for two minutes for life without a hang-glider

An American tourist shared on YouTube with a video about his first hang gliding experience in the Swiss mountains, which did not go according to plan. The instructor forgot to attach the tourist to the construction of a hang glider. Because of this, he was forced to fight for life for two minutes, clutching at everything he could reach.

At this time, the pilot was trying to find a safe place for landing. But in the end, the pair descended to the very foot of the mountain, from which they started. The pilot tried to help the man, holding him with one hand and maneuvering a hang glider with the help of the second.

As a result, the man got off with a fragmentary fracture of the distal radius of the wrist and a torn biceps muscle on his left arm. “I am going to fly a hang glider again, because for the first time I could not enjoy the flight, ” the man concluded at the end of the video.

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