OnePlus will present on December 11th the McLaren 6T smartphone

Large mobile vendors regularly enter into partnership agreements, the ending of which is the release of smartphones with the words Porsche Design, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and so on in the names. The OnePlus company decided not to stand aside, announcing a partnership with McLaren.

As it becomes clear from the teaser, the announcement of the smartphone will take place on December 11. The phone, apparently, will be devoted to speed. But in what its manifestation, it will be clear after the presentation.

It is worth noting that the shell for OnePlus smartphones is already famous for its fast work, and besides, the company does not skimp on the components. Probably, the McLaren 6T will get the top “iron”, adding, for example, a couple of extra gigabytes of RAM. It is possible that in smartphones will be beaten orange color, which McLaren uses for new car models.

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