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“Not secured insurance”: the first flight of a glider turned into a two-minute struggle for life

The Americans were not tied to a hang-glider, so he hung the entire flight at a height of 1000 meters, hoping that he would not break.

In October 2018, a resident of Florida, Chris Gursky (Chris Gursky) and his wife Gale went to Switzerland to rest. The couple decided to start off with a hang gliding flight – both had never done anything like this before. However, the first flight experience ended for Chris with a two-minute struggle for his own life. He told about this on Facebook, and also released a video about the incident.

As a starting point, the couple chose a mountain about 1,200 meters above ground level. It was a pair flight – a pilot and a tourist tied to a hang-glider with safety straps. The first with her instructor flew Hale – she had everything without complications. The second Chris went, and already in the sky, he realized that his belts had forgotten to fasten.

Gursky grabbed the crossbar of the hang-glider with one hand, and the second behind the pilot. Within two minutes, the instructor was looking for a suitable place to land (interfered with the forest), and Chris at that time gradually lost strength, risking falling from a great height. In the end, the American was already holding on to the pilot’s leg. When the hang-glider fell over the field, the tourist broke loose and broke his wrist upon landing. He underwent surgery in Switzerland and inserted a titanium plate in his hand.Gursky said that after the incident with the hang-gliders he did not start: “Later I will try again, because I didn’t enjoy the first flight”. In his opinion, Norway will be a good place for a new attempt.

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