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Microsoft briefly surpassed Apple by capitalization

Microsoft has bypassed Apple for a short time by market capitalization. At that time, the software giant was worth $ 812.9 billion, the iPhone maker was $ 812.6 billion. The last time this happened was in 2010, when Microsoft also surpassed Apple by market capitalization.

As noted by Business Insider, a few months ago, Microsoft’s market value reached $ 887 billion, Apple’s peak was $ 1.12 trillion, and in August the company became the first American company to cost more than a trillion dollars.

But then came the so-called “red October” – the worst financially month since the financial crisis.

To date, Apple is estimated at $ 828.64 billion, Microsoft – $ 817.29 billion, Amazon – $ 773.22 billion. The capitalization of the latter, we recall, also exceeded a trillion dollars.

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