LG patented frameless unfolding smartphone

Frameless smartphones are so far only with certain reservations, and at the moment there are no full-fledged bending machines. LG has released the “flexible” smartphone G Flex in its time, he had a follower, but the topic did not receive a continuation.

A number of large companies are preparing to please users by presenting smartphones with bending screens in the foreseeable future. And LG decided to patent a hybrid device with a bending screen, which can also be frameless.

New registered trademarks noticed resource LetsGoDigital. We are talking about LG Flex, Foldi, Duplex and LG Bendi, and their names indirectly indicate the “plasticity” of the devices, whatever they may be (after all, it will not necessarily be mobile phones).

Also mentioned is the patent for the unfolding smartphone – the screen wraps the case and is almost devoid of a frame, unlike the similar concept mentioned earlier this year.

In addition, on the eve of the patent was reported on a 16-chamber smartphone LG. The lenses are placed in such a way that they allow you to remove an object from different angles, which in theory opens up additional possibilities.

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