InSight transmitted the first clean photo from Mars to Earth

The InSight unit landed successfully on Mars yesterday, and today it sent the first photo evidence that there is good working weather. The picture was taken shortly after landing, and transmitted to Earth via the Mars Odyssey orbiter today at 4:30 am Minsk time.

“The InSight team will be able to rest today, as we know that the solar batteries of the device are deployed and recharge the batteries, ” said Tom Hoffman, project manager for InSight. – Tomorrow begins a new exciting chapter for InSight: ground operations and the start of deployment of the tool.

In the coming days, the mission team will launch a robotic arm of the device and take several pictures using the camera attached to it in order to choose a place to place scientific instruments. On their full deployment and obtaining the first data will take 2-3 months. At this time, InSight will use weather sensors and a magnetometer to study the situation at the landing site in the Elysian Highlands.

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