In Kazan, the authorities thwarted two concerts of the IC3PEAK group in a day, but for the third time the team still managed to perform

According to the lawyer of the group, in fact, no one was detained: the police gave the group to finish the game and leave.

Photo by Eric Panov

IC3PEAK manager Oleg Mitrofanov told Mediazone that, due to pressure from the authorities, the group changed three venues per day for a concert in Kazan. Two sites eventually refused to the team, and the third one did take place.

According to Mitrofanov, the police first came to the Jam Bar when the team conducted a soundcheck. The police did not explain the reason, but began to threaten the owners of the site “until closing”. Then the musicians moved the concert to the “Alafuzov Factory”, but its owners were threatened.

Updated at 23:02: A representative of Jam Bar told Mediazone that the club “by mutual consent” agreed with the group that the concert would not be held on this site. The source also stressed that the police did not come to the club about IC3PEAK on either November 23 or earlier.

As a result, IC3PEAK agreed with the Nora club, but 40 minutes after the start of the performance, the police and emergency workers arrived there. Timur Miftakhutdinov, a lawyer of the Agora human rights group, who is with the musicians, told the staff that they spoke with the club’s administration, and the group finished the performance and left.

The lawyer denied the information in the media about the detention of IC3PEAK participants and called this information “misinformation”. According to him, the group reached the place of their rest completely calmly.

Before Kazan, IC3PEAK faced pressure from the authorities and the breakdown of concerts in Nizhny Novgorod two days before. There the musicians also had to change three stages.

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