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In Houston, ATM dispensed $ 100 bills instead of $ 20.

Bank of America, which owned this ATM, said that customers can keep the extra money themselves.

Learning about the generosity in social networks, many residents of nearby areas were quick to withdraw some money

The incident with an ATM in Houston (USA, Texas) occurred on Sunday evening. One of the clients came to withdraw money from his card and was surprised when he received a hundred dollar bill instead of a twenty dollar bill. He reported this on the social network, after which residents of the district began to run to the ATM. According to the statements of local authorities, some people staged a fight for a place in the queue for “free” money. After a couple of hours, the police arrived at the ATM and cordoned off it, blocking the possibility of withdrawing money.

On Monday afternoon, Bank of America issued a statement saying that one of the technicians had loaded the money in the wrong tray. The bank also allowed the clients to leave the withdrawn funds without any legal consequences.

Information about how many people managed to use the ATM and how much money was withdrawn.

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