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Bethesda going to sue: they do not return money for Fallout 76

The American private law firm Miglaccio & Rathod LLP collects feedback from consumers affected by the unfair trading practices of Bethesda Game Studios. Lawyers are investigating and are going to file a class action lawsuit against the developers of Fallout 76, who refuse to return money for goods of inadequate quality.

The initiated investigation is connected with the start-up of the game and the company’s refusal to compensate PC users for a non-playable product. Lawyers say that the launch of Fallout 76 was accompanied by a 56 GB patch. The developers refused to refund the money, based on the fact that users have already downloaded the product.

The website of the law firm, where players sent their stories of unsuccessful money back experiences, fell from the influx of users. This was reported by lawyers in a post on Reddit .

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