You now have a unique Mac. Change the icon of any application

Many users like to customize everything for themselves and drastically change the appearance of the operating system.

Sometimes you just want to replace the icon of a program so that it doesn’t stand out from the general style, be more visible or just not get bored.

Change the icons of programs and games in macOS is easy.

How to change application icons

1. First you need to find the icon itself. Not all pictures will work – only files in * .icns format .

Here is a large database of suitable icons with search and cataloger.

2. After downloading the icon, you need to find the application, the icon to which we will change.

Most often, applications are located in the Programs folder (you can open it in the top Finder panel: Go -> Programs ), but sometimes they can be located in a different way.

3. Now we open the properties of the application we need through the context menu or with the help of the ания + I keyboard shortcut with the selected object.

4. It remains only to drag the downloaded icon to the native icon in the properties.

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That’s it, the icon is replaced. If an old image continues to be displayed in Doc or Launchpad, it will change after you restart your Mac.

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