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Shooting, fighting, stabbing. In the US, stormed shops in a big way

“Black Friday” is a special holiday. And it’s an endless source of news. Last weekend was fun not only in Africa , but also in the United States, where traditional folk fun once again became an inexhaustible source for videos with wild content.

Impressive people are not recommended to watch the videos below! There are scenes of violence and foul language!

These days, a fierce struggle was waiting for everyone who decided to look into the convenience store. Snapped up and TVs, and game consoles, and some leopard coats fashion style.

Traditionally, the youngest and most militant fists were used. Some brought knives with them. In New York, for example, in one of the shopping centers, two 20-year-old guys quarreled. One got a knife stab in the stomach, the other was a treacherous injection in the back. Nothing threatens the lives of both.

Shots sounded. In New Jersey, it was not a fatal injury, but in Alabama they shot a lot and not always at the target. It all started with the battle for a place in the queue. Unknown opened fire on the crowd and injured four people. Arriving at the scene, the police eliminated the alleged shooter, but later information appeared that eliminated the wrong guy. As a result – the mass protests of the black population.

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