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Search: the suspect paid for the goods with a stolen bank card

The Investigation Committee is investigating the criminal case under subsection 2 of Article 212 “Plunder by using computer equipment”. The suspect four times successfully carried out operations with someone else’s card when buying goods in a store on Dzerzhinsky Avenue.

After that, he paid his bill at a restaurant nearby three times. But in the store on N. Orda Street, the guy could not complete the transaction “due to circumstances beyond his control”. There, together with the suspect, they noticed another person.

It is known that a bank card and other property was stolen from the car’s interior – a crime was committed on the eve of illegal transactions.


These events happened in the summer. Unauthorized access to the card account occurred on July 28 at about six in the morning. Investigators are asked to provide information about the persons in the photographs by calling 8 (017) 392-97-13, 389-55-55, while guaranteeing anonymity.

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