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Report from social networks: The action at the Russian Embassy in Kiev

Participants oppose the “act of aggression against the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait”. Some of them threw smoke bombs.


On the night of November 26, people gathered at the Russian embassy in Kiev who came out against the “act of aggression against the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait”. Reports about it the edition “Crimea. Realities”.

Participants of the action brought tires to the embassy, ​​and also laid out paper boats on them.

Photo “Crimea. Realities”

In addition, protesters threw smoke bombs at the embassy.

On November 25, the FSB reported that three Ukrainian warships had invaded Russia’s territorial waters. The ships were sent from Odessa to Mariupol, but they did not let them through the Kerch Strait. The Ukrainian side claims that it notified Russia in advance of arrival.

Later that day, the Ukrainian Navy announced that Russian boats had opened fire on the country’s ship group as they left the Kerch Strait. During the shelling by Russian border guards, six seamen were wounded, the Ukrainian authorities said .

The FSB confirmed the shelling, and also announced the initiation of a criminal case on the illegal crossing of the border.

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