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Musk estimated the likelihood of his move to Mars at 70 percent

Elon Musk in a fresh interview with Axios on HBO spoke about his vision of the Martian program. The entrepreneur believes that he will be on Mars, with a probability of 70%. At the same time, it’s about a one-way flight, and this suits the businessman, apparently.

Musk noted that such a journey cannot be called a kind of salvation for wealthy people: almost all the time a person will go to create a base and survive in harsh conditions. The first settlers will face a huge amount of difficulties and dangers. The businessman compared them with Ernest Shackleton, an outstanding Antarctic explorer who participated in four expeditions to the south of the Earth.

Musk recently announced the renaming of a spacecraft for BFR’s distant space flight Starship. The device is designed to fly to Mars and, presumably, can deliver about 100 tons of cargo to the planet.

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