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MIT created a plane flying without moving parts – only thanks to the “ion wind”

The plane charges the particles around it, and then attracts them to the electrodes on the wings and flies in this way.

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a prototype of an airplane flying without moving parts using the “ion wind”. To create this effect, you need two electrodes and a very high voltage: the researchers used 40 thousand volts.

In theory, the creation of aircraft based on the “ion wind” is possible a long time ago: the effect was first described in 1921. However, MIT scientists were the first to lift a model five meters wide and weighing 2.5 kilograms.

As noted in Engadget, in the future, the development of technology may lead to the creation of noiseless, safer, and environmentally friendly aircraft or certain hybrids with traditional engines. However, in the near future, waiting for ionic aircraft is not worth it: they still need a very powerful power source, which will require too much weight in a full-scale model to accommodate.

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