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Meme: They did a grape operation

As a demonstration of the capabilities of a robot surgeon, it turned into an absurd joke, and the grape into a hero, whom they are experiencing in social networks.

At the end of November 2017, English-speaking users of social networks began to frequently use the phrase: “They did an operation on a grape”. Based on the jokes, dozens of pictures were made, and on Reddit it got to the point that one section prohibited joking about the grape – so often the subscribers posted about it. At the same time, the meme grew out of the achievements of modern medicine, which learned how to conduct operations on the smallest objects.

The meme story began with a demonstration of the DaVinci surgical robot. The technology that was developed by the American company Intuitive Surgical is a robotic system with four “hands”, with the help of which thousands of operations are performed worldwide. The Da Vinci movements are controlled by the surgeon-operator: it is believed that the robot performs the procedures more accurately and safer than the person. In Russia, by 2018, 25 such complexes were installed .

As an example of the work of “Da Vinci” surgeons often do “operations” for small objects. The grape has become one of the most popular patients: there are several videos in which the doctor with the help of a roboruki makes small cuts, removes the skin and then sews it back.

In November 2018, an instagram account with melodies Simple Dorito drew attention to one of the videos from Da Vinci. He was shot in 2010 by employees of the American Edward Hospital in Illinois – he is also dedicated to grapes. In Simple Dorito signed a screenshot of the procedure: “They did the operation grape.”


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They did surgery on a grape

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November 22 screenshot got on Reddit and became viral. In a few days, the absurd phrase was sold out on social networks – they began to use it with or without. It turned out that the sentence “They had a grape operation” fits a lot of situations.


“Stop asking who is the man and who is the woman in the relationship, start asking who does the surgery and who is the vine”

“Baby:“ Ooo-oh. ” Mom: “He spoke!”. Baby: “O-he-they did the grape surgery”

“Domashka: not done. Sleep schedule: broken. Self-esteem: low. Body aches. Life: a mess. They: made a grape operation. ”

“Forgive me for not having a video today, just my grape had an operation and I need to take care of it for a couple of days.”

“I can’t believe that grapes have health insurance better than mine”

“* First date * She: Tell me about yourself.” I: “They had a grape operation”
The story of the grape and the operation was adapted to the popular online copy-paste.

“Vinogradinka and his son get into a car accident. The grape father dies, and the grape son is taken to hospital. In the hospital, the surgeon looks at the grape and says: “I cannot operate on the grape, this is my son.” How could this happen?”

“Vinogradinka:“ I have a heart surgery today. ” Boy: “I know.” Vine: “I love you!”. Boy: “I love you more.” [After the operation, when the grape woke up, she saw that only her father was near her bed] Vineyard: “Where is he?”. Father: “And you do not know who gave you this heart?”. Another patient: “What the hell is going on here?”

Vineyard became the hero of other meme templates.

“What is the meaning of life? / God exists? / How did they choose which grape to perform the operation?”
“They / Operation / Grape”
“When you are new to Reddit and you see only that the grape had an operation”
“In the universe, in the galaxy, in the solar system, on the planet, on the continent, in the country, in the state, in the city, in the area, in the street, in the house, in the room there is a person who thinks …” They performed an operation on a grape “”

But the main object of jokes in social networks was the continuation of the topic of surgeons and operations. So the story is overgrown with new details.

“Two doctors without strength after a 32-hour operation on the grape”

“Look who just left the surgery”

“It’s nice to see that the grape is getting better after the operation”

“Sister:“ You have been in a coma since 2012 ”. Patient: “Did they have a grape operation?”

“What does the grape see?”

“Remember the grape, which had surgery? This is it now. Feel old? ”

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