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In the US, the trolls launched a campaign against online sex workers. They complain about them in tax for concealing income

But how difficult this “struggle” is is to say.

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In the English segment of Twitter, a campaign has been launched against sex workers from the United States, who publish and sell their intimate photos for money on Snapchat or Instagram. Imageboard users and activists for the rights of men say they are complaining to the tax authorities about girls for not paying taxes and not declaring income.

Who launched the campaign against sex workers

On November 23, Facebook user David Wu (David Wu) published a post calling to complain about online sex workers on the social network. He previously has repeatedly negatively spoke about the girls who earn by selling nude photos, putting into question the ‘reality’ of their work.

“Please guys, complain about these sex workers to tax officials or local officials if you see them in my publications. Thank!”

Later, Wu repeated his call and published links with instructions on how to report on those who do not pay taxes.

How Wu’s appeals became popular outside of Facebook

On November 24, Twitter user Daryush Valizadeh posted screenshots of the girls’ complaints that someone had complained about their tax activity. On the social network, Valisadeh is known for his radical views on women: he advocates the decriminalization of rape in private domains.

“Online whores learned that all income derived from their breasts and vaginas is taxed”

“Men are aggressively tuned to report all online whores. And I do not blame them: these girls get money from beta guys and enjoy an unfair advantage in the sex market.

“Z generation men are tired of whores and how they turn each platform into another way to capitalize on their bodies. This guy was banned on Twitch for the truth about it. ”

“Brittany Venti, who received more than 50 thousand dollars this year from the beta guys, closed her account because she was afraid she would be reported to the tax department. It doesn’t look like she reports taxes. ”
Valizadeh told subscribers that anyone who reports to the tax law about violations will receive up to 30% of the amount charged to the offender.

“If you hit on a whore to the tax [USA] and she collects taxes from her, you will receive up to 30% of this amount. In the fight with whores there is a financial benefit “

Valizadeh also drew attention to the #ThotAudit screenshot – probably, with his suggestion , he gained popularity on Twitter. By tag you can find both supporters and opponents of the campaign.

Originally, the expression “thot” meant “that hoe over there” (“that whore”), it means a girl who sends nude photos in correspondence. After the hashtag became viral, the meaning of the word changed – it began to be deciphered as “that hoe ows taxes” – “that whore owes taxes”.


“The funny thing about #ThotAudit is that the whores from Instagram and Snapchat now call themselves“ sex workers ””

“The whores of Snapchat would not have to be audited if they did everything right. All of you are just angry that you can no longer hide from paying taxes. ”

“Those who set the traps themselves fell into them”

“Raise your hands to those who agree that instagram models and the Queen of Snapchat should pay taxes just like we all do.”

“It’s not in my head that ONE AND THOSE PEOPLE, who think that Trump is a genius, just hides his taxes, desperately report to the tax about girls who, in their opinion, do not pay enough taxes. Maybe it’s more because of the hatred of women, and not because of taxes? ”

“#ThotAudit is a real campaign of harassment. Please complain about @rooshv and everyone who uses [tag] to attack sex workers. ”

Some argued that campaign supporters did not have enough data to go to tax.

“I pay taxes, I do not worry. But for those who care about the story of David Woo, think about it: this is how the form looks like that needs to be filled out for a tax complaint complaint. Do you really think that #ThotPatrol knows all your data? They are just internet trolls. ”

How sex workers responded

Some sex workers compared offenders with “incels” – this is how adults are called with minimal or no sexual experience.

Some girls warned others about the need to remove personal data from profiles.

“Attention to all sex workers”, if you have your Snapchat, Venmo or money transfer application on your profile, REMOVE THEM. Incela report to you in the tax. Please be careful - we need to take care of each other. ”
“Attention to all sex workers”, if you have your Snapchat, Venmo or money transfer application on your profile, REMOVE THEM. Incela report to you in the tax. Please be careful – we need to take care of each other. ”

“What rubbish does one have to have to complain / hunt for sex workers? Why not keep track of your battered ass? ”

“Every time a man calls you a whore, fight off the phrase” it doesn’t matter, I still get money “

Some girls claimed that the tax does not need to report income below 12 thousand dollars.

“You understand that you do not need to report tax on income less than 12 thousand dollars. But of course, keep joking about the Snapchat premium accounts so we at least understand that you hate women. ”

Others – that does not need to go to the tax, if the income does not exceed 20 thousand. One of the sex workers said that the trolls can not do anything without “digital proof of income.”

Twitter user Anthony Espacito (Anhony Espacito) tried to dispel the myths that sex workers began to spread, and told, he said, the truth about paying taxes.

“Myth number 1. Income up to 20 thousand dollars is not taxed. Truth: any tax from any source is taxed in the United States under 61 tax laws. The federal standard for deducting from the tax base in 2018 is 12 thousand dollars, so any amount below this is not taxable. You will have to pay taxes for more than this, but you still have to report it. ”

“Myth number 2. You only need to report payments over $ 600. Truth: This is true when it comes to reporting income, but despite this, any amount (even $ 20 per photo) is taxable. The tax will not find them in form 1099 , but will find them if they conduct an audit. ”

“Myth number 5. Users of the premium accounts of the snapshot set aside money and pay taxes on a certain day, so they are fine. Truth: Cool! But you also need to pay the estimated tax every quarter. If your estimated tax is less than 90% of your tax liability, the tax may be penalized. ”

“Myth number 6. I have never paid taxes before and have not been audited, I am fine. Truth: If you have not filed a tax return in a certain year, this year can be audited. Even if you have never filed a tax return, your earnings may be taxed (or you will be fined) “

Can any internet user really complain to a tax worker for sex workers?

According to the rules of the US Tax Administration, in order to complain about a tax evader, you need to fill out form 3949-A . To apply, you must also include the name of the citizen, his home address, occupation, social insurance number, date of birth, e-mail and name of the business.

Form 3949-A
Form 3949-A

At the same time, the form indicates that you only need to fill in the data known to the applicant. How much information about the girls reveal themselves is unknown. It is also unknown whether a statement will be accepted, in which only the nickname of the sex worker is indicated. As noted WikiHow, it is desirable to fill out the form as detailed as possible. In this case, the tax will not report on the progress of the investigation.

An example of an application for a sex worker
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