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In New Zealand, more than 400 dolphins rushed to the shore

On the coast of the South Island in New Zealand, 416 grind of mammals from the dolphin family were released, about 70% of the animals died almost immediately. This is one of the largest such cases in the past decade.

Several dozen volunteers tried to save mammals with buckets, towels and sheets. When the tide began again, the whales did not swim into the ocean and continued to lie on the shore. Representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection said they were trying to find out the causes of the incident.

According to one of the versions, mammals made a mistake in natural navigation and headed in the wrong direction in search of food. The leader of the flock called on the others with a signal, resulting in hundreds of whales leaping ashore.

The last such case occurred in February 2015, when more than 200 whales were released on the same coast, half of which died almost immediately.

According to Project Jonah, a mammal rescue center, up to 300 dolphins and whales die annually on the coast of New Zealand.

Updated : In the English media, animals were called “whales”, which translates as “whales”. In fact, the dead mammals were dolphins, not whales, or rather, the grindas were black dolphins from the common dolphin family, in English they are called “pilot whale”, which is why the translation error was made.

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