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In New Zealand, 200 dolphins are back on the beach

On February 11, the New Zealand Department of the Environment reported that black dolphins had reappeared on the coast. Of the 200 individuals, about half are mammals from among those that were rescued the day before.

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The 120 dolphins that were thrown out were new individuals, which, together with the past, hit the shore, located 11 kilometers from the place where they had been rescued last time.

As stated by the Department, re-released mammals are even less likely to survive. They sailed from the previous place, but still did the same as their dead relatives. Also, environmental protection officers asked for additional help from volunteers who had not yet arrived at the scene.

February 10 416 pilot whales, mammals of the family Delphinidae emissions on the coast of New Zealand. This is the most massive similar incident in the last 10 years. Thanks to the work of the volunteers, we managed to save about 80 individuals, the other dolphins died.

It is still not possible to establish the reasons for this behavior of whales and dolphins. According to one of the versions put forward by the Department, the mammal was frightened off by a shark – on one of the specimens they found bite marks. An alternative reason is the seasonal migration of species, as a result of which the greens could go astray.

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