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Great-grandfathers fought too. Review Battlefield 1 – the best game about the First World

It so happened that the First World War receives far less attention than the Second. Since its inception, more than a hundred years have passed – the names of the characters are forgotten, there are no veterans alive, there is no one to give cloves. Schoolchildren, having learned the words “early in the morning of the twenty-second of June …”, hardly remember the month (if not the year) of the start of the First World War, not to mention the exact date.

DICE and Electronic Arts pay tribute to the events that most people know only briefly – at the level of “someone killed someone and because of this there was a mess.” Let Battlefield 1 does not pretend to complete accuracy, but make an impression about the conditions of warfare at that time succeed.

The killing of one person – the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand – caused millions of victims. The First World War fell into a period of rapid development of scientific and technological progress. What people destroyed each other in subsequent conflicts was first tested in 1914-1918.

Tank battles, chemical and anti-aircraft weapons, flamethrowers, extensive use of aviation – mankind has found many original ways to prove their case by force. Pensioners who complain about “the youth have gone now” should remember whose generations have unleashed the bloodiest wars.

The developers combined the Hollywood production with the stories of ordinary people who won the war. Campaign Battlefield 1 is divided into five unrelated passages from different parts of the world. This is an excellent collection of episodes, which, albeit weakly perceived as holistic, but shows that heroes are everywhere – regardless of race, language, and attitude to events. Whether it is a battle-hardened Australian who undertakes to take care of a yellow-haired recruit, or an Italian trying to find a brother among a mountain of corpses, each character is remembered, although given them an hour and a half to one.

It can be said that some events are clearly exaggerated: a gentleman of fortune who hijacked a combat aircraft would hardly have participated freely in battles. But in the context of Battlefield 1, everything looks appropriate – because if the real story is a bit boring, you need to embellish it, add romance and moderate pathos. Perhaps the best was a campaign about a tank carriage: people fall into hopeless situations, there is a place for betrayal and a sudden rush of heroism. The authors were definitely inspired by the movie “Rage” with Brad Pitt.

At the same time, the Italian episode is the shortest and faded, it runs in just thirty to forty minutes. From the battles in the Sinai desert, too, expect much more. A protected train, the thunderstorm of all Bedouin settlements, is destroyed by about 13-15 shots from an armor-piercing rifle – this is no good.

There are linear games, there are “sandboxes” – projects in which you are given a task and complete freedom of action. Battlefield 1 in some episodes combines both concepts: the goal is far away, how to get to it, you decide. To go out in the open or sneak in unnoticed, which road and weapon is best to choose is sometimes difficult to decide. But the game is closer to the linear format. Frequently, freedom of action is not. Just the cards are huge, and it seems that you can go wherever you want.

When you start the game causes mixed feelings. From the first minutes you understand – this is one hundred percent Battlefield. Animation, interface and graphic features are instantly recognizable. But the game does not seem to be Battlefield 4 wrapped up in World War I, although in fact it is. Battlefield 1 takes into account the nuances of the era that affect the gameplay.

For example, a lot of problems will be delivered by gas grenades: if you don’t wear a gas mask, the hero will suffocate, but you can’t take aim in the mask. Flamethrowers can ruin even the nicest day – there are a lot of problems from them, no armor will save. Come close, and your fighter in a second will turn into well done steak roasting.

The shooter perfectly shows the clash of that era with the technical advances that invaded the usual way of life. Freakish tanks make new passages in houses with one shot, and a horseman on horseback rushes somewhere nearby – a representative of the old school. Soldiers with rifles, in which you need to pull the bolt after each shot, they try to shoot down whatnot planes, and over all this chaos floating zeppelins. DICE shows a war that is avoided in video games sideways, and does so with an unprecedented scale.

Not to say that there are no projects about the First World War at all. I remember, for example, NecroVision, a network shooter Verdun, and a number of others, but for the high cost, entertainment and idleness of equal Battlefield 1 definitely not. The shooter looks incredibly good. The developers made the picture not only detailed and colorful, but also worked on the details that add realism.

In almost all games, the weapon looks as if five minutes ago it left the assembly line – the whole wooden parts, the metal glitters. Here too lumps of dirt stuck to the trunks, the guns are rusty and covered in soot. Immediately you realize that they have been in many troubles and, probably, outlived several owners. The technology also knew the best of times: tanks and armored cars were shabby, dusty, with battered sides.

During shelling, shells gnaw large chunks of earth, sand flies right into the eyes, fighters rush five meters from the head, flames and black smoke erupt from the damaged equipment — Battlefield 1 convincingly shows the chaos of battle. Perhaps the best demonstration of hostilities in games. There is no sterility, which is inherent in many shooters: when only labels were cut from the form of fighters, and there are no scratches on the arms – in such cases it seems that they will start spreading smoothies in the trenches.

The single was a success, although some episodes are clearly weaker than others, and this slightly spoils the impression. But Battlefield has always been a multiplayer series. In the single-player campaign, you are alternately introduced to what you will meet in online matches: control of a tank, an airplane, capture of flags, forced marches under bullets.

There is a new mode of “Operations”. Before each match there is a short briefing, from which the alignment of forces becomes clear. Attackers need to capture one after the other line of defense, and defenders – to maintain control over the points. Not to say that the mode has become the know-how for multiplayer shooters. This is an ordinary holding of positions, but with a minimal scenario.

The conditions of the battle often change right during the match. To help send the train and airships, the location can cover a thick fog. Or a sandstorm will rise, and aviation will be useless, as well as virtuoso snipers. As a result, the advantage is instantly lost, the losing side is on the horse. Horses, by the way, are replaced by motorcycles from Battlefield 4.

Such nuances affect the gameplay. Battlefield 1 is not for those who run forward with the shooting button held down, catches the bullet, is reborn and repeats the same tactics. In the game you need to learn from mistakes, watch how other users behave. For the same reason, it is better not to go straight into the “Team Fight” mode, where the side that killed as many rivals as possible wins. The local match turns into a meat grinder, which is enough in any Call of Duty.

In addition to the usual classes (attack aircraft, medic, support and scout), ready-made kits appeared that are scattered directly on the maps. You can find ammunition and weapons for the flamethrower or machine gunner, quickly put on and show everyone who’s in charge. With skillful handling, it will turn out even to capture more than one flag.

Initially there were suspicions that jumping a hundred years ago would slow down the speed of the game process. The technique was not as maneuverable and smart, automatic weapons were rarely used. However, the developers managed to keep the gameplay pace set by the previous parts.

Just do not immediately abandon rifles: at medium distances, they are often more convenient than machine guns with their large spread of bullets and weak damage. Shooting Battlefield 1 does not differ much from the previous parts, the action of which occurs in our days.

Like other parts, the game looks great. On computers, 4K resolution and the highest graphics settings are available, which bring the shooter closer to the word “photorealistic”. But they will see this beauty well if a few percent of users – the overwhelming majority of them simply do not have such iron. Therefore, there is no sense in breeding regular battles “on the PC with better graphics than on consoles” Anyway, on the bulk of computers, the picture will be plus or minus the same as on consoles.

In this case, too, nothing to complain about. Battlefield 1 happy colorful explosions, tracer bullets that pierce the entire map, detailed fire, realistic reflections and light. Metal glares well in the sun, while not turning into a mirror, as in the recent Mafia 3 . The Sinai desert can be compared to beauty only with Rub al-Khali from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – it is impressive not only during the day, but also in the light of the moon.

Separate words deserve sound. Without opening your eyes, you can determine the direction of the shot, on which surface the hero moves, and whether he crawls or walks. What to say about the loud falling sleeves on the metal floor of the tank, clicks and sliding sounds when reloading – the work has been done excellent. With good acoustics, the experience of the game will be much more.

Battlefield 1 shot powerfully. The developers left the old mechanics and replaced some models of equipment with others, but this was enough to re-tighten the players in long battles. In addition, fresh elements have appeared: changing weather conditions, airships and armored trains, flamethrowers.

The series is moving forward, the Swedes in DICE are not afraid of experiments. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will not be easy: there, it seems, the developers are hard to climb and will be milking the futuristic surroundings for a long time. As a result, we got a beautiful fighter with interesting innovations and finally a suitable single-player campaign.

Review Battlefield 1

The most beautiful blockbuster about the First World War. Realism is zero, but the “dirty” entourage of the war is fully conveyed. Multiplayer will definitely drag on for months

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