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Council of Ministers approved the Provision on the identification of users

The government approved the Provision on the procedure for the preliminary identification of users of Internet resources. This is reported on the website of the Council of Ministers.

It follows from the document that preliminary identification is carried out when creating an account on an Internet resource through the conclusion of a user agreement. The media owner must ensure that these rules comply with the requirements of the country’s legislation, the resource must contain warnings about the inadmissibility of publishing messages or materials with information prohibited by law.

Then the owner of the Internet resource will send the user a code via SMS to the number specified during registration. Also suitable are “other identification data and technical means allowing identification of the user’s identity”.

Then everything is as usual: the user opens the site, logs into the account and leaves comments at their discretion. Also, a person may at any time terminate the user agreement unilaterally.

Within a year after the termination of this agreement, the owner of the Internet resource must ensure that the information on the preliminary identification of the user is stored on the servers located in Belarus. This includes messages and their changes (including date and time), IP-address, changes in user registration data and other information that the owner of the Internet resource receives when the user is identified.

Also, the site owner must provide protection against loss and disclosure without the user’s consent of the information specified in the Regulations. At the same time, he undertakes to provide information at the request of the prosecution authorities, the KGB, the Ministry of Information, the tax authorities, the courts and the investigative bodies in the manner prescribed by law.

New rules will come into force on December 1.

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