Change the color of folders in OS X

Add colors to file organization.

The OS X operating system provides a number of algorithms for organizing files. One of them is setting colored tags for folders. But what to do if you want to completely change its color ?

What it gives: the possibility of associative work with folders by assigning their color. For example, red – for documents, green – for photos, black – for games, etc.

1. Create a folder in any directory. Open its context menu (right click) and select Properties .


2. In the upper left corner of the Properties menu, highlight the folder icon . To do this, it is enough to tap on the logo once.


3. Press the key combination CMD + C , thereby copying the image to the clipboard. Folder properties window do not close.

4. Open the regular viewing application . To search for an application, use Spotlight.


5. Immediately after the launch of the app, open the View menu File -> New from Clipboard , or use the shortcut CMD + of N .


6. A copied logo image will open – a folder icon image. Go to Tools -> Adjust Color … .


7. In the color editing menu, move the sliders to obtain the desired color and shade.

8. After finishing the editing and selection of colors, open the item Edit -> Copy , or use the shortcut CMD + the C .


Close the image editor to refuse to save the changes. Select Delete .

9. Return to the Folder Properties dialog box . Highlight the icon – the icon image and press the keyboard shortcut CMD + the V .

The new color of the folder will be copied from the clipboard, and the icon itself will instantly change its color.

The peculiarity of this method is that you can change the color of individual folders in a particular directory, without affecting the entire file system structure.

To return to the standard color, it is sufficient to follow the steps in the instructions with any standard folder (without applying any changes in the Image Editor).

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