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Battlefield 5 Review: Beta Test for the price of a full game

Battlefield returned to the original: the series began with the entourage of the Second World War, and having been in different eras, again came to the forties of the twentieth century. The last autumn, the extinguishing campaign chosen for Battlefield 1 admired – the forgotten war, about which there are no games, looked very cheerful: archaic weapons, armored trains, plywood planes. But World War II is another matter. The people who grew up on Call of Duty and Medal of Honor already know better than some historians both the main battles and the arms of the parties to the conflict.

The developers, apparently, decided to prove to themselves and the players that even in the boring temporary corridor you can make a vigorous shooter, albeit without original ideas. Traditionally, Battlefield 5 is primarily an online action movie, and the single player campaign is useful when the Internet is turned off or the update is downloaded.

This time the “single” is made quite by the residual principle. To begin with, the menu meets four mini-campaigns, of which only three are available – the latter will be released only in early December and will be devoted to the German tank detachment. It is not clear why she is now calling eyes in the menu.

Campaigns, like in Battlefield 1, tell of several heroes: a British bank robber fighting for his amnesty, a girl in Norway helping to resist building intrigues to the Nazis, a black fighter for a couple with his brother fighting in France.

Quietly – not our method

Strange seemed to be a clear focus on stealth elements. Not only is this a game that doesn’t go at all, it’s also a covert passage that annoys rather than arouses interest. In the inventory, a rifle, an automatic rifle, a bunch of grenades, a decent supply of ammunition, and we are suggested to crawl to the German to stab him with a knife. Although now there are stealth in many shooters – we won’t be surprised if a stealth indicator appears in the next Doom. However, nothing prevents immediately declare itself a machine gun burst.

Maps are spacious, you can get to the goal in different ways. But special tactics are not noticed. The artificial intelligence of enemies is so-so: they walk along the same routes, are blind and hard of hearing. It makes no sense to think through your actions in advance, when you can effortlessly secretly kill the Germans one by one or shoot them from afar with a sniper rifle. Until the enemies reach where the fire is coming from, and they will rush in your direction, it will be easy to remove the bulk of the opponents. Sometimes things happen that you do not expect from a game of this level. Noticed the enemy van, in the back – a bunch of soldiers. With the thought: “Well, they will take revenge for me” I shoot at the car, and she calmly drives by. And how did the war last for six years with such mental development of the aggressors?

A single game could somehow draw out interesting situations in missions, but they simply do not exist. Moreover, the tactical scope is good – the structure of some tasks is similar to Far Cry 3-5: we mark enemies and key points through binoculars, decide for ourselves how to approach the goal. But weak artificial intelligence is breaking everything down.

At the same time, there are excellent details, but in the general vat of a weak “single” they are almost not felt. For example, during the shootout, I hid in a tiny little house, the front door remained open. And it was possible to notice the approach of the enemy not even by the sound of footsteps, but by the shadow that fell on the next wall – quite a curious game moment.

Pay now, play later

Bugs and strange features are an incredible amount. Norwegian partisan skis leave no traces and fall into textures, the hero can lie on the ground and put the machine gun boughs on an invisible mound, gun barrels sometimes pass through the walls – did the game exactly do DICE, and not outsource? The problems described (jambs can be enumerated for a very long time) together with an inaccessible campaign, a vague promise to release the “Royal Battle” sometime in the spring and, so far, closed technology customization leads to the only conclusion – Battlefield 5 was released in a hellish rush, even without catching serious bugs.

The murdered Nazi does not fall to the ground, but is simply stuck in the air. Well, in Battlefield 5, it’s not yet

At the same time, the shootings themselves are still excellent. The pace has risen compared to Battlefield 1. It’s just a more modern and quick-fire weapon: after all, we used to have primitive machine guns and rifles, now we have better ways to take life. Because of this, by the way, they kill also faster.

In most cases, the destruction of objects looks spectacular: if the blast wave touched the load-bearing structure of the building, then, for example, a piece of the roof slides to the upper floor, will damage the floor. But sometimes things are different: abandoned civilian cars and other vehicles after the explosion of grenades under the bottom remain almost intact, while the tanks are beautifully scattered into pieces.

There are no reflections in the mirrors. Apparently, too, will appear later

Be healthy

Multiplayer has received several important changes. And now health is not fully restored. No matter how cool the shooter is, in the course of the match, the damage will somehow get: the grenade will explode nearby, the bullet will touch. Thus, the developers have increased the role of physicians: they have an unlimited supply of kits for restoring health. By the way, other classes can now also raise fighters, but they do it more slowly than doctors.

You are with you, if you are not playing as a medic, only one medical package. Having spent it, you must either run to the point with the equipment, or beg the colleague for a kit to heal. There must always be a doctor in the detachment – it will not be easy without him. A similar situation with the class of support: they carry ammunition. The cartridges end very quickly – again, you need to look for the vault or turn to another player. There is another option to pick up cartridges from corpses, but often it is a big risk to be on the sniper’s gun.

All this is clearly done to develop the idea of ​​a team game. Single heroes in Battlefield before it was not very much, but now you want it or not, you need to act with an eye on your squad. And here, the adequacy of users decides everything: a team that understands the salt of mutual help gets caught – there are no problems. But often the situation is different. So the best solution is to find friends and play as a regular squad.

At the same time, the construction of shelters appeared: barricading gaping holes in buildings, digging trenches, putting anti-tank hedgehogs, but only at special points, and not where it pleases. Visually, it looks so-so: clack, and the layout of the barrier wall materialized right in front of us. The effectiveness of such buildings is questionable: enough shots from a rocket launcher to break the barrier of sandbags.

Network modes six: the classic opposition teams, control over points, the gradual capture and retention of positions and so on. The most ambitious of them – “Big operations”. Developers are fluently introduced into the course of what is happening, and then the battle itself begins. The mission takes place in several stages and is an alternation of other modes – capturing points and storming positions, and when the winner cannot be determined, the battle begins until the last survivor.

No beauty

With graphics, it’s not easy. On the Playstation 4, the game in the best moments looks “good.” The fantastic beauty of the northern lights, the sun-drenched desert, bright explosions with thick black smoke that you want to dispel with your palm, fallen leaves lifted by a light breeze – and immediately blurred textures, disgusting models of trams and civilian cars. Plus the drawing distance: bushes, buildings and equipment appear right before your eyes. For some reason, Far Cry 5 and GTA 5, where there are also huge locations, have no such problems. On impressions, Battlefield 1 two years ago looked more neat.

At the same time, attention to detail is still surprising in a good way. If you lie down, moving backwards, the fighter will splash right on the fifth point, putting his legs forward; Throw a grenade at the bottom – a soldier will not throw it from the shoulder, but holding his hand at belt level.

Shooter was the victim of haste. The game doesn’t really have any content, and it’s not clear how actively the project will be developed: after all, they decided not to do paid Premium access. Electronic Arts to the question “but where are the new maps, modes, technology?” Can easily say: “We do not owe you anything.” Okay, the belated weather campaign won’t do, but waiting for the “Royal Battle” until spring is too much.

By themselves, innovations in multiplayer are organic, and it is clear which way developers think – team actions used to be simply important, and now they have become critical for victories in matches. The standard edition of Battlefield 5 for PC costs about 90 Belarusian rubles (3,000 Russian rubles) in the Origin service. Even this price, not to mention the cost of console versions, seems to be too high for the content we received at the start.

Battlefield 5 Review

The most unfinished part of Battlefield. If a shooter had appeared in a fully completed form, without “soon in the game” on the tabs of the menu, the score would have been one and a half points higher. That Bethesda releases the curve Fallout 76, then Electronic Arts throws out the unfinished game - the publishers have already openly show the true attitude to people who provide beautiful figures for quarterly reports for them.

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